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Go on your wildest adventure yet. Experience the beauty of Africa and share unforgettable adventures in the company of expert safari and tour guides.




Escape To Africa is an experienced tours and safari company based in the heart of Uganda.

Enjoy an African Safari and Other Uganda Tours

Escape To Africa offers a wide range of African Safari packages. Our trips are unlike any other safari in the region, taking travelers through enchanting landscapes, and leaving them with magical memories. Escape To Africa offers Uganda Tours, safari experiences and much more at competitive prices. Uganda Tours can offer travelers a unique safari experience that includes breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife and historical sites.

Africa is a continent blessed with many diverse wonders. Our trips come in all shapes and sizes, and all destinations. Uganda is home to the largest national park and a multitude of other wildlife filled destinations. We strive to provide you with an incredible African Safari experience, wherever you choose to go!

Will I Be Able To Take an African Safari With a Kampala Safari Company?

Have you ever wanted to go on an African Safari? Well, now you can. With our Kampala Safari Company, you can go on your own African Safari with our safaris. All you have to do is book a trip and we will take care of the rest. We are a well-established company that has been in the safari business for a long time. If you are interested in a safari trip here, there are many tour package options from Kampala Safari Company.

You want to go on an African Safari but you are not sure about your budget. Kampala Safari Company can help you. You can use our online portal to explore all the various safaris we offer. Find your ideal safari among our many amazing destinations and learn more about the options available to you.

Can I Schedule African Safaris With Escape To Africa?

Escape To Africa is the world’s leading African Safaris operator. We have years of experience and offer a wide variety of options for your next adventure. Whether you are looking for an African Safaris, a unique lodge stay or an unforgettable honeymoon, Escape To Africa offers it all. From the moment you book an African Safaris with Escape To Africa, we will find and tailor a perfect vacation just for you!

Planning a trip to Africa? You can sweeten the deal with a safari that includes an exciting day in a sanctuary. At Escape To Africa we offer several safari packages with options for different interests and budgets. If you want to experience Africa, you have a variety of options to choose from.

Is Escape To Africa a Kampala Safari Company That Offers African Safaris?

Yes, our company offers African Safaris. Escape To Africa is the leading tour operator in Africa. We offer tailor-made tours, customized Kampala Safari Company and much more. Our safari specialists will help you create an unforgettable African vacation. 

You can book an African Safaris and tour the savannah, or you can rent a private villa for an all-inclusive stay and have the opportunity to explore Uganda. Our team of professional experts will lead you on the most exciting African Safaris imaginable. Meet the locals and explore exotic cultures found nowhere else in the world.

Are National Parks Included on African Safaris?

African Safaris offers a wide range of national safari experience packages in Southern and North Africa. Our team of experts have years of experience guiding groups through the African wilderness. Make the most of your African Safaris by including National Parks in your tour. Our experts will plan your ideal trip and make sure it includes the top destinations in each country. Whether you are visiting Africa for the first time or the tenth, we will help you plan a customized trip packed with wildlife sightings, cultural experiences and much more.

Book your best safari itineraries now with our instant pricing tool and make sure your African experience is a memory to last a lifetime. African Safaris are a great way to explore and get to know the continent, but most people don’t realize that national parks are not included in their package.

Do African Safaris Include Uganda Tours?

African Safaris offers travelers the opportunity to experience the natural wonders and cultural diversity of Uganda’s national parks as well as other African destinations. Uganda is known for its fantastic wildlife. No wonder so many people travel to Africa for the chance to see some of the best African animals on safari in Uganda. You will be delighted with the fantastic Uganda Tours offered by African Safaris.

Africa is a land of magical natural beauty. It is also home to an amazing diversity of cultures and wildlife. Explore this incredible continent and discover the African safari experience like never before with African Safaris. Take a break from your daily routine and explore the wonders of Africa on an African Safaris trip.


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Our tour guides are passionate about tourism and are dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience for our guests. We are an ethical, professional and reputable tour operating company. You’ll be accompanied by a well-trained, experienced and knowledgeable safari guide who will enjoy the journey as much as you.


We are flexible, creative, and strive to be as accommodating as possible for different groups of people with varied desires and budgets. We’ll share expert travel advice for no extra charge and work with you to create your dream trip.


Experience the unmatched variety of scenery, wildlife, and adventure in East Africa.


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