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Travelling away from home especially for a tour can be somehow stressing and that’s why at Escape To Africa we recommend using a safari vehicle with an experienced guide. In most countries in Africa, public transportation is a nightmare with hectic schedules, reckless drivers, poor and unmarked roads that complicate traveling.

Does Escape To Africa Have Safari Rental Vehicles?

Yes, Escape To Africa has Safari Rental Vehicles where they offer the best deals for private groups, safari-style excursions and more. With Safari Rental Vehicles, you can create your own personalized adventure with one of our expert guides and drivers to track some of Africa’s most exciting wildlife. We have a variety of expedition vehicles that are perfect for your needs.

Whether you’re planning a safari or just want to experience Africa, Safari Rental Vehicles has a wide variety of options. Shop our fleet of ATVs, 4WDs, and safari vehicles. From luxury vehicles to eco-friendly options, we offer something for every type of traveler. Book your adventure today! If you are looking for an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime, we are the perfect choice!

Can I Get a Safari Rental Vehicle From Escape to Africa?

Yes, you can get from Escape to Africa as they are an international travel agency based in the heart of Africa. We offer a wide range of safari options for you to explore the great African landscape, from Africa’s most famous national parks to private reserves and eco-lodges.

Safari Rental Vehicle website offers the best safari experience on the market. They are a family owned and operated business who pride themselves on providing the best possible service to their customers. At Safari Rental Vehicle we have an impressive fleet of safari vehicles to choose from including luxury jeeps, classic Land Rovers, 4×4 safari trucks and more. Browse our luxury safari vehicles and book a trip today.

Does a Safari Rental Vehicle Come With a Guide?

Yes, Safari Rental Vehicle offers the complete package and a guide included; from your Safari Guide to your vehicle, from a lifetime of memories to the best photo album of your life. Once you’ve purchased and enjoyed Safari Rental Vehicle, you won’t want to look for anyone else. We put at your disposal all the necessary equipment and knowledge to make your trip a success. Our safari guides are well trained, fully licensed and will help you learn about the local wildlife.

Safari Rental Vehicle is the perfect way to experience the heart of Africa on your vacation, and they come with a guide. You don’t have to worry about learning new languages or getting lost in a country where you don’t know the way. Our guides are trained and know Africa’s culture and landmarks, so let them handle all the logistics for you!

Can You Take a Safari Rental Vehicle On Your Tour Or Safari?

Yes, Safari Rental Vehicle offers Safari-approved 4×4 vehicles, guided and self-drive tours in Africa, and more! We offer a wide range of safari vehicles to suit your needs: 4x4s, jeeps, luxury SUVs, trucks and more. At Safari Rental Vehicle we also have a variety of tours to choose from: Adventure Africa, Southern Africa Safari and more. With our convenient online booking service and experienced team of safari tour experts, there is no way you will be disappointed with a Safari Rental Vehicle!

With Safari Rental Vehicle, you can explore the natural wonders of Africa in comfort and style. You can reserve your safari vehicle on our website today for a unique experience on your vacation.

Will There Be Safari Rental Vehicles Provided With National Park Tours?

With Safari Rental Vehicles your tours through the national park will be an adventure so that you can complete the tour to the end without skipping any detail of the vast nature and beauty of Africa.

Safari Rental Vehicles is a leading producer of luxury safari vehicles and tours. We offer the best tours and personalized service in the industry. Our safari vehicles are custom built by our own specialist design team and are available for public and private use to experience the savannas, plains, and wild landscape without interruption. Safari Rental Vehicles will provide a new type of transportation for safari tours. Contact us today for a suitable vehicle for your adventure through the national park.

What Safari Rental Vehicles Are Provided On Tours and Safaris?

Make the most of your vacation with Safari Rental Vehicles. We provide fully equipped jeeps, spy shots and 4x4s for every safari trip you may take in Africa. Choose your safari tour and let us do the rest!

Safari Rental Vehicles are provided on tours and safaris operated by the company. They are also provided as a service at additional cost. Safari Rental Vehicles allow you to be on the move and explore Africa on a private tour or safari. The vehicles are stocked with all the necessities you may need for your trip. Safari Rental Vehicles offer the best of both worlds. On the tour, you will be able to relax and enjoy the vast African view, and on the safari, your family will be in the hands of professional safari guides. Visit our website and make the right selection.


We specialise in taking care of all your safari planning especially transportation from one destination to the next connecting activity to activity. Escape to Africa has a fleet of comfortable safari vehicles well maintained and with well trained, knowledgeable and experienced drivers / guides.

Our vehicle prices can be quoted separately or included in the total safari quote. We offer our vehicles at affordable and relatively competitive prices.

  • For 4×4 Land cruisers (extended, movable roof top – Hard Top from 5 – 7-seater)
  • For 4×4 Mini Vans (7-seater)

Kindly note that Escape to Africa safari vehicle prices include; the guide / driver, vehicle entrance to all the parks, maintenance and fuel charges.

We at Escape to Africa highly recommend all travellers on a safari in Africa with to always use any of our safari vehicles with our experienced guides for a more safari enjoyment and safety.

Please contact Escape to Africa if you’re looking for a comfortable and affordable safari vehicle and we will ensure a wonderful travel experience!

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