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Uganda Safaris; Best Uganda Safari Tours 2021 -2023

Uganda Safaris and Tours

Uganda is a combination of ever green vegetation, rolling hills, endangered and last surviving gorillas, numerous waterways; beautiful Lake Victoria and the splendid gigantic river Nile. This is the chief river flowing from Uganda to Egypt, a once major attraction in the heart of Africa. The Pearl of Africa is still authentically African with so much to offer. With Escape To Africa venture into this unknown and get ready to enjoy one of the African treasures, accompanied by a well-trained, experienced and knowledgable safari guide. READ MORE:



6 Days Chimps & Wildlife Safari

Enjoy chimps trekking in the evergreen forest of Kibale, continuing to the roaming plains of Queen Elizabeth; home to numerous game.

6 Days Uganda Primate Safari (Bwindi & Kibale)

Travel to the dense, evergreen tropical rainforest and enjoy trekking chimps in Kibale forest crossing to the Mountain gorilla haven.

7 Days Uganda Primates Flying Safari

Enjoy traveling in luxury to the Mountain gorilla haven and the Chimps capital of the World in Air!

8 Days Uganda Adventure Safari

Visit the home of the endangered Gorillas, endless savannah and remarkable wildlife that show case natures gift.

8 Days Wildlife & Gorilla Flying Safari

Enjoy traveling the Mountain gorilla havenin Bwindi and the roaming savanah plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Air!

10 Days Explore Uganda Safaris

Enjoy the Pearl of Africa wonders all together in one package with Escape to Africa. This astonishing safari showcases Uganda like never before!

10 Days Flying Adventure

Enjoy the Pearl of Africa in top notch luxury, flying from the Chimpanzee highland to Lion' throne summing it up with a visit to the Gorilla world!

12 Days Gorilla & Wildlife

Travel to the most beautiful and breathtaking places; home of gorillas, Chimps capital , Wildlife haven and the gigantic falls that showcase River Nile!

12 Days Flying Safari

Enjoy this flying luxury safari that involves traveling to the Mountain gorilla asylum, Chimps highland with an extension to the gigantic Falls!

13 Days Magical Flying Safari

Enjoy traveling in luxury to the Mountain gorilla haven, Chimps capital continuing with an extension to the Savannah in the North all in Air!

14 Days Primate & Wildlife

Enjoy traveling to all the most beautiful parks in Uganda and be guaranteed of wonderful and a memorable experience.

17 Days Uganda Unique Safari

Explore the Pearl of Africa in a few days surrounded with comfort; from the far side of Murchison in the North to Bwindi .

18 Days Unique Birding Safari

Enjoy an exclusive opportunity of spotting more than 600 different bird species by traveling to the multitude of habitats

21 Days Best of Uganda Safaris

This trip is a remix of Primates, wildlife, birds, culture and the breathtaking scenery with a Gorilla encounter.


Uganda is an East African country blessed with the most astonishing natural biodiversity, right in the middle of the Albertine Rift Valley. This gifted by nature spark left Winston Churchill’ breathless as he went further to refer to it as the “The Pearl of Africa”. Like a diamond in the rock, this hospitable country.

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