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Although Democratic Republic of Congo is viewed as a country with political unrest. For African experienced hard-core travellers, enjoy a wonderful and memorable experience in the African oldest Misty National Park while in the company of armed park rangers.

Is Escape To Africa a Congo Safaris Company That Offers Congo Safaris For Hardcore Travelers?

Yes, Escape To Africa is a Congo Safaris company offering Congo Safaris for hardcore travelers. You don’t need a degree in geographic research to be able to enjoy how amazing it is to see the entire continent of Africa.

With Escape To Africa explore nature now and save money on your next Congo Safaris. We offer everything you need to be a part of nature’s greatest spectacle, affordable, eco-friendly, and high-quality travel to the Congo and beyond. We take the time to get to know you, find out what you hope to get out of your trip and provide you with the best options for the safari of your dreams. With us, you are guaranteed to see all of Africa’s big cats!

Do Congo Safaris Have Tours That Include Misty National Park?

The answer is yes! Congo Safaris has tours that include the Misty National Park. It’s time to experience the magic of Africa in a new way. Trust us, the trip will be worth every second!

With Congo Safaris we offer you a unique opportunity to experience the African wilderness on one of our iconic trips. Our goal is to satisfy your travel itinerary wish list. Whether you’re planning an African safari or looking for a new way to experience the great outdoors, there’s plenty to do on the continent and at Congo Safaris we help you plan your next vacation. We’ve got your back with quality, affordable tours that include many of the world’s most sought after locations like Misty National Park.

Are Congo Safaris Good For People Who Want To Go Hiking In Nyiragongo?

Yes, with a Congo Safaris you will have the chance to go on a wildlife safari in a private vehicle with your own armed mountain guide and follow the Nyiragongo lava flow up close. Will be great!

Don’t you want to see all the wonders of Africa? Gone are the days of viewing wildlife through a lens. Enhance your wildlife experience with Congo Safaris, personalized, adventurous and superlative wildlife safari tours. From luxury camping safaris in Tanzania to off-road expeditions in Uganda, you’re guaranteed to see it all with Congo Safaris. From the newly formed volcanic crater of Nyiragongo to the impressive chimneys of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and more, you’ll never get bored while taking in nature!

Can You See Lowland Gorillas On a Congo Safari?

Yes, Congo Safari is a new way of seeing Africa. We are a personal tour company offering tours of all kinds, but our main focus is tracking lowland gorillas in the Congo. With first-of-its-kind technology, Congo Safari has revolutionized the way zoos and conservation organizations offer endangered species tours.

Many people dream of taking a vacation and seeing gorillas in the wild, but few have the opportunity to do so. Now, for the first time in history, lowland gorillas have been sighted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Congo Safari exists to help you fulfill that dream by making your wild safari in the Democratic Republic of the Congo affordable and doable. Call us today!

Will There Be Hotel Services Provided With a Congo Safari?

Yes, a Congo Safari will provide hotel services after a day full of exciting daily activities and tours that will never fade from your memories. At Congo Safari we understand that when planning an African safari you want to be fully informed about the different options available and what to expect, so we cater for all your needs for fun, food and relaxation.

Congo Safari is a travel and adventure expert. We take care of all your needs and provide detailed information to ensure that your experience is one you want to share. Our experts guide you through the planning process by finding the best destination for your needs and then providing you with personalized itineraries, maps and contact information.

What Congo Safaris Provide Options to See Highland Gorillas?

A trip with Congo Safaris will give you the best chance of encountering these gentle giants in the wild. Our tours come with a number of options that will suit your preferences. With our extensive knowledge, we will ensure that every part of your safari is unforgettable, unique and full of adventure.

Camping in Africa is a dream for many, and nothing will make you feel closer to nature than staying in the midst of a family of gorillas. The magical experience of observing gorillas and interacting with them is only possible if you take the necessary measures to guarantee your safety. Congo Safaris are highly recommended for those who want to see great apes without getting too close.

Look no further! Congo Safaris offers you the chance to see the elusive, endangered and majestic mountain gorillas. We organize gorilla tracking, gorilla treks, to make you feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Enjoy hiking Nyiragongo and tracking both low and highland gorillas in the gigantic Virunga forest.


3 Days Nyiragongo Hiking

At 3470M Nyiragongo Mountain is found at Virunga National Park. This hike provides one of the mesmerizing, swirling pool of lava.

3 Days Lowland Gorillas

Enjoy an easy trek to see the Eastern lowland Gorillas, found only in Democratic Republic of Congo situated in Kahuzi Biega.

3 Days Virunga Gorilla

Although this is a less costly gorilla permit as opposed to that of Rwanda and Uganda, one is still guaranteed of a wonderful and memorable experience!

4 Days Gorillas & Nyiragongo

Enjoy a wonderful experience in the Africa's oldest misty Virunga National Park by not only gorilla tracking but also Hiking Nyiragongo.


Congo is famously known as an asylum for the both lowland and highland gorillas in Virunga National park. Although even up to today the Congo still has plenty of unrest in different areas of the country. But with Armed park rangers, it’s now possible to enjoy Hiking Nyiragongo and also tracking the gorillas in Virunga National park.

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