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Democratic Republic of Congo Safaris and Tours

Although Democratic Republic of Congo is viewed as a country with political unrest. For African experienced hard-core travellers, enjoy a wonderful and memorable experience in the African oldest Misty National Park while in the company of armed park rangers.

Enjoy hiking Nyiragongo and tracking both low and highland gorillas in the gigantic Virunga forest.


3 Days Nyiragongo Hiking

At 3470M Nyiragongo Mountain is found at Virunga National Park. This hike provides one of the mesmerizing, swirling pool of lava.

3 Days Lowland Gorillas

Enjoy an easy trek to see the Eastern lowland Gorillas, found only in Democratic Republic of Congo situated in Kahuzi Biega.

3 Days Virunga Gorilla

Although this is a less costly gorilla permit as opposed to that of Rwanda and Uganda, one is still guaranteed of a wonderful and memorable experience!

4 Days Gorillas & Nyiragongo

Enjoy a wonderful experience in the Africa's oldest misty Virunga National Park by not only gorilla tracking but also Hiking Nyiragongo.


Congo is famously known as an asylum for the both lowland and highland gorillas in Virunga National park. Although even up to today the Congo still has plenty of unrest in different areas of the country. But with Armed park rangers, it’s now possible to enjoy Hiking Nyiragongo and also tracking the gorillas in Virunga National park.

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