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  • Professional and hospitable team from consultants to guides
  • Guides are allocated safaris according to the clients preferred language of communication
  • Provide good working conditions for all staff members inline with the employee Act and Trade Union
  • Prompt response and attention to detail
  • Offer community activities as extras in all our packages at a no cost
  • Encourage and support local community sustainable tourism development projects.
  • Enroll the team in different training programs


  • We are an ethical, professional and reputable tour operating company.
  • We deliver as agreed and aim at total customer satisfaction.
  • Although we aim to please and if need be think outside the box, we can only deliver what is possible
  • We only offer quality services regardless of one’s budget
  • Offer free of charge travel advise
  • Are very flexible and creative but can only deliver what is possible

Does a Uganda Safari from Escape To Africa Include Rwanda Tours ?

Are you planning a Uganda Safari, why not include a trip to Rwanda with Escape To Africa to make your trip truly unforgettable? It’s affordable, easy to book, and it’s time for you to get away from the daily grind for a lifetime of memories. Our luxury safari packages are not your typical safari package. They include exclusive Rwanda Tours for travelers who want to enjoy more than just Uganda. 

Get the perfect African safari with Escape To Africa, a leading travel company in Uganda. We can organize your trip from start to finish, or you can customize your own adventure. Let us do all the work so you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime, get ready for the African safari of a lifetime!

Will I Be Able To Take a Uganda Safari With a Kampala Safari Company?

Thinking about a safari experience in Uganda and wondering if you can do it with Kampala Safari Company? You have come to the right place. It’s that time of the year again when you start planning your summer vacation. Uganda is an African safari destination and a tourist’s dream. It boasts incredible animals, beautiful wilderness and the most breathtaking sunsets.

Africa is waiting for you! Get the Uganda Safari experience of your dreams with a Kampala Safari Company. With this safari package, you will enjoy breathtaking landscapes, visit unique game parks and savannahs, and meet diverse wildlife as well as local Africans.

Can I Schedule Uganda Safaris With Escape To Africa?

es, Escape To Africa has been offering Uganda Safaris for many years. These trips are designed to provide you with a unique wildlife experience. We offer a wide variety of accommodations and safari packages, so you can tailor your trip to fit your budget. We are the world’s leading African safari agency. 

At Escape To Africa we organize private, group and family safaris to Uganda, where you will enjoy breathtaking safaris, gorilla treks, elephant rides and much more. Now, you can explore Uganda on your own with a Uganda Safaris vacation package, book now!

Is Escape To Africa a Kampala Safari Company That Offers Uganda Safaris?

Escape To Africa prides itself on creating Uganda Safaris that are tailored to each person’s personal needs, tastes and budget. Escape To Africa is a travel company that offers Uganda Safaris. With years of experience in the travel industry, we have found a way to offer the best Uganda safari packages that can provide travelers with an amazing experience.

Our luxury destinations offer Uganda safari deals and Uganda tour packages, including excursions to various well known places. Escape To Africa with Kampala Safari Company, which offers Uganda Safaris to explore the best wildlife in East Africa.

Are National Parks Included on Uganda Safaris?

Uganda Safaris offers a variety of packages, including tours of Uganda’s most popular national parks. Through our company, you can tour Uganda’s best National Parks and see the amazing wildlife and breathtaking scenery before you book your trip. Uganda Safaris are undoubtedly one of the best ways to see Africa up close.

Uganda Safaris offers a wide range of outdoor activities, from guided walks to multi-day safaris in Uganda’s national parks. Whether you wish to visit a national park on your own or opt for a guided tour, your safari will meet all your needs. With Uganda Safaris, you can choose your level of adventure and what you want to experience. With our numerous tour and activity options, there is something for everyone on your Uganda safari!

Do Uganda Safaris Include Rwanda Tours?

Yes, you are going on a trip to visit the wildlife of Uganda and Rwanda. Uganda Safaris is a Uganda-based company that offers Rwanda Tours, the country of a million lakes. We offer adventures that are a once in a lifetime experience. In addition, we arrange accommodation within the country and on our trips so that you can fit your budget and skip the high hotel prices.

Uganda Safaris are the best safaris in the world. Uganda Safaris offer you an unforgettable experience of Africa. Uganda Safaris have been a treasure for nature lovers for generations. We are looking for reliable and trustworthy people who want to go on a Uganda safari with us. We take care of the arrangements and make sure you have the best time possible.

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