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Explore the beautiful Masai culture and wildlife parks.

Kenya Travel Tips and Information

With Escape To Africa, enjoy the feel of the wind blowing up in your hair, sun on your face, white sand between your toes, surf on the gigantic waves, before transferring to the Masai land for the roaming wilderness.

Masai Mara has it all, from the breath-taking scenery with rolling plains to the numerous herds of game roaming the wilderness. With a spark from the July to October annual Great Migration; one of the most impressive natural events worldwide, involving over 97,000 Topi, 18,000 elands, 200,000 zebras and 1,300,000 wildebeest and 500,000 Thomson’s gazelles.

Enjoy the liberty of wildlife viewing consisting of hungry predators, most notably lions, hyenas, antelopes including large Roan antelopes, the nocturnal bat-eared foxes, distinctive Masai giraffes, the African elephants, cape buffalos, impalas, cheetahs, hyena, zebras, black rhinoceros, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelles, elands, duikers, Coke’s hartebeests and wildebeest from either up in an air balloon or from the window of a safari land cruiser in  any of the numerous wildlife parks in Kenya; “Land of Masai”

Apart from the numerous wildlife parks, explore the beautiful Masai culture as they showcase their surviving skills in the feasted predator lands. Kenya doesn’t only cater for game lovers but also birders with a visit to the pink lake feasted with myriads of 1- 2 million pink flamingos. Further explore the Africa’s second highest mountain, which not only provides a thrilling but also a challenging hike.

Visa on arrival

When traveling to Kenya, a valid passport is required. At US $50, a Kenyan Visa is purchased, either online or upon arrival at the Airport. However there is also an option of purchasing a single East African tourist visa covering Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda at $100. Kindly note that should the online Visa Application fail, one can still get the Visa on Arrival at the Airport from the Immigration desk as this process is still effective as of now.

Best time to visit Kenya

With a generally good climate, a safari in Kenya can be done throughout the year; January to December, not forgetting the July to October annual Great Migration.

Climate Seasons

When it comes to traveling, short rains are recorded in the months of October/November and long rains: April/May.

What to Wear

Traveling with Escape To Africa in Kenya, always remember to carry;

  • Sunscreen for direct sun as the sun can be brutal
  • Shades or sun glasses for direct sun and dust
  • Light clothes as it can be hot
  • Mosquito repellent for when both indoors or outdoors as the sunsets
  • A sun hat such as a peaked baseball cap for protection against direct sun
  • Long sleeved shirts and trousers both Cotton for night time.


Swahili is the official language in Kenya, however English is also widely spoken in hotels and parks by all nationals.


In Kenya, US DOLLARS, UK POUNDS, EURO’S and other major currencies are easily exchanged in the major cities. It’s advisable that all travellers should exchange money into Kenyan Shilling (Ksh) as it’s the common transaction currency. Aim for small notes as these come handy when tipping and paying bills not covered in the safari package. Cards; Master, Credit, Visa & Debit are also accepted at some lodges at an extra charge. However, Traveller Cheques rarely allowed.


Like most countries in the World, in Kenya it’s customary to tip guides, rangers, and drivers. At Escape to Africa, we recommend a tip of US$ 10 – 15 per day for the guide, rangers and for hotels and lodges the tip can be put in the tip box found at the reception.

Staying Healthy

It’s mandatory to take some healthy precautions especially if you’re traveling away from home. One should not only have medical insurance but also medication in case of a healthy emergency. Remember to carry your Yellow fever vaccination certificate with you.

Staying safe in Kenya

Like most African countries, a large portion of the population is below the poverty line and are in search of a better life one way or another, which has resulted into many opportunistic crimes;

  • Avoid displaying expensive gadgets or wad of notes in public.
  • Always have company (Escape to Africa safari guide) when walking in dark places or when using public means

Attitude to travel with

Kenya known as “Masai Land” is a must visit destination while on a safari in Africa. And many have shared beautiful stories about their Masai Land safari experience.

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