Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is one of largest protected wetland in central Africa and is found in Rwanda. It’s located along the border with Tanzania in the Rwanda Eastern Province about 2-3 hour’s drive from Kigali city; Rwanda’s largest and only capital. The park gets its name from the Kagera River which flows along the eastern boundary flowing into several lakes with the largest known as Lake Ihema. This National park covers approximately 1,200km2 gazetted in 1934 to protect the Wildlife from poachers.

Known as the land of a ‘’thousand hills’’ these highlands provide outstanding views over the stretch of lakes and swamps with a fair share of mountainous terrain.

The park harbours a variety of abundant wildlife; Elephants, Leopards, Giraffe, Antelopes, Hyena, bush buck, Hippos, crocodiles ram the Lake and the various bird species that nourish on and around the lake.


Game Drives; Being a park for some of the “THE BIG FIVE”, visitors enjoy wildlife viewing while on game drives. Some of the game include; leopards, zebras, hyenas, lions, elephants, giraffes, bush bucks and several species of antelopes.

Bird Watching; Different bird species can be seen during the boat trip on Lake Akagera. The savannah grassland of Akagera harbour over 524 bird species. This makes it a Birders paradise as one is in position to encounter the shoebill stock, papyrus gonolek and the migrant birds from Europe.

Boat trip; A boat is a must do on Lake Ihema while visiting Akagera national park. While on a boat, one has to be on a look out for a school of crocodiles, hippos, different bird species that feed on and around the Lake; fish eagles and malachite kingfisher

Fishing; For one interested in sport fishing, they will have to purchase a fishing permit and carry along their fishing equipment. In the lake Tilapias are the most sought after fish when fishing.


When it comes to accommodation, one shouldn’t worry about where to stay while on a safari in Akagera, as accommodation ranges from budget to luxury with the best services.

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