Lake Manyara

Although Lake Manyara is famously known for its role in the annual Migration, it is also gifted with a forest, open grassland and the dominant red western rift escarpment with a backdrop look of the lake itself. This lake is a force of nature hosting the migratory pink Flamingos and over 300 bird species.

This Lake also hosts numerous game including; herds of elephants, leopards, antelopes, zebras, hippos and a few monkeys. Although this lake is known as a birders paradise, its climax is the tree climbing lions that can be seen relaxing on tree branches during the afternoon sun. And some have even witnessed these unique lions drag their kill high up into the branches.

When in Lake Manyara, keep an eye up in the sky for the water, seed and insect eater birds as they fly across the Lake in vast twittering clouds including; Pelicans, storks, geese, herons, cormorants and the migrant flamingos that turn the lake edges a vibrant shade of pink.

Although Lake Manyara National park is 2,600 sq KM and majority of the park is covered by a lake, this destination is seen to host a lot more than anticipated. This is further seen by the two hot springs, waterfalls, rivers and the superior game. However, despite the fact that the park hosts the rare tree climbing lions, a predator safari is not recommended in the here.

With Escape To Africa, a visit to this park can be arranged as a stop or a soft game viewing safari before continuing to the big league game viewing parks.

Best Time to Visit the lake

For one following the regional migration, then the months of July to October are your only time to visit. But for those just interested in enjoying the park with a soft or few game drives, then this lake is an all year around visit.

Activities at Lake Manyara

Although this park is famously known for its traditional game drives, accommodations inside the park have introduced adventurous night game drives and short walks. Outside accommodations mix it up with Village visits, longer walk, hiking and mountain biking which has made lake Manyara more attractive to visitors and now a must visit!


When visiting Lake Manyara, one has a variety of different accommodation types to choose from, with one inside the park and the rest outside in the local community. These lodges and tented camps range from luxury to budget on bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan arrangement. Traveling with Escape To Africa, a comfortable place to overnight is a must have!

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