Tarangire National Park

Tarangire is a beautiful dry National park, drier than the Serengeti although it has greener vegetation, mostly the elephant grass, acacia woodlands and some aquatic forests. This park has a lot of wildlife that differs with seasons. In the month of November to May, large herds of zebras and wildebeests move into the north-western direction towards the Rift Valley floor joining the large herds of game that roam the endless Masaai. During the dry season of June to October, the game immigrates back to the park for the seasonal rivers.

At 2600 square Kilometers, Tarangire park is blessed with a river in the North that flows upwards up to the corner of the park, in the North West into Lake Burungi, leaving green plains in the dry season. The southern part of the park is less crowded and has a back-country atmosphere

Best time to visit Tarangire National Park

The ultimate visit to Tarangire park is viewing herds of Zebras, elephants, wildebeests, Bohor reedbucks, Thompson’s gazelles, elands, impalas, lions, buffalos, giraffes, Coke’s hartebeests, leopards, hyenas, Wild dogs, cheetahs and on rare occasions gerenuk and fringe –eared Oryx and black rhinos in the of June to October. For birders, enjoy spotting over 500 colourful bird species including; the yellow collared starlings.

Recommended days to Visit Tarangire Park

When traveling with Escape To Africa, we recommend at least a 2 days safari for one to enjoy this park of many seasons.

Activities in Tarangire Park

Tarangire is a must visit for all visiting Tanzania, it has so much to offer apart from game viewing, there is also walks, photography and Bird watching.


When traveling with Escape To Africa, one will be provided with so many accommodation options from luxury to budget  Lodges and tented camps sited all over the park.

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