Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo is a jagged, semi-arid valley between Uganda’s borders with Sudan and Kenya covering 1,442km2. Although Kidepo is the most isolated national park, it’s also the most magnificent park with Africa’s finest wildernesses and  the two rivers – Kidepo and Narus – which disappear in the dry season, leaving behind traces of pools for the wildlife.

Is Escape To Africa a Kidepo Valley National Park Safari Company That Offers Trips To Kidepo River?

Escape To Africa offers exclusive trips to the Kidepo Valley National Park. You can find a unique safari in this beautiful and remote part of Uganda. We offer a wide variety of safaris ranging from short day trips to multi-day trips. You don’t need to worry about packing for your trip; we send all the equipment you need to explore the valley and its animals in our private minibus. It is a journey through the African wilderness and into the very heart of Africa.

Escape To Africa is a Kidepo Valley National Park safari company that offers trips to the Kidepo River, a popular destination for African safaris. Located in the heart of Kenya, Kidepo Valley National Park offers enchanting scenery and unique wildlife encounters. One of your best opportunities to get back to nature is Kidepo Valley National Park, located in the Kidepo Valley in Kenya. The adventure begins with a three-day stay at one of their camps and includes game drives and cultural activities.

Do Safari Companies Have Tours That Include Kidepo Valley National Park?

Kidepo Valley National Park is home to spectacular scenery, lush green vegetation, a wide variety of wildlife, and more. But when you’re on safari, do they allow you to visit the park? Safari companies in Kenya and Tanzania offer day trips to the Kidepo Valley, but focus on traditional safari areas. With Kidepo Valley National Park included in these tours, visitors can see the stunning landscapes that make this such a popular destination.

The Kidepo Valley is one of the most popular safari destinations in Kenya and offers a wide variety of wildlife including many forested areas for your safari holidays. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including elephants, leopards, buffaloes, and black rhinos.

Are Safari Companies Good For People Who Want To Go To Kidepo Valley National Park?

Due to the large flow of visitors, safari companies are good to go to Kidepo Valley National Park, it is a popular destination in Kenya that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Safari companies are a great option for people who want to visit the park, but they have their own advantages and disadvantages. We offer a variety of safari packages, including two different gorilla trekking tours, a leopard tracking tour and a rhino watching safari.

Kidepo Valley National Park is a magical and fascinating place filled with wildlife, ethnological sites and beautiful scenery, but only if you can go. It usually takes months or years to plan a safari, but with the service of Kidepo Safari Company, you can easily go on a private safari in a matter of weeks. Kidepo Safari Company helps make your experience the most enjoyable and worthwhile.

Can You Take a Kidepo Valley National Park Tour with a Safari Company?

Can! And at the moment, you can get a Kidepo Valley National Park tour with a Safari Company for a more affordable cost than other tours. We are the best safari company in Kenya and we are sure that our tour will be more enjoyable than any other. There are many opportunities to visit this wonderful park in Uganda. So join the Safari Company tours and explore this stunning area!

Kidepo Valley National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in northern Kenya, Africa. The park is best known for its large and unusual landscape of sandstone plateaus, ridges, and cliffs that have an arid climate. The park is also home to many animals, including elephants, baboons, and the endangered black rhino.

Will There Be Car Services Provided With Kidepo Valley National Park Tour?

Kidepo Valley National Park is a natural center for exploration. You have the option to replicate the trip by private car or on foot. If you find that walking isn’t your thing, we have a range of reputable car providers to help you get around. Come on a sustainable Kenyan safari in the beautiful Kidepo Valley National Park.

With the Kidepo Valley National Park Tour, you will be able to explore the most impressive untouched nature in the Northern Rift Valley in Kenya. You will have plenty of time to explore and observe wildlife. You can expect a wide range of adventure activities like hiking and bird watching in the park. But there is also the opportunity to take a relaxing walk in the park with a local guide to see some of the most beautiful places.

What Kidepo Valley National Park Tour Provides Options to See Gorillas and Monkeys?

Kidepo Valley National Park Tour gives you the chance to see some of the rarest animals in Africa, including gorillas and monkeys. This tour is a great way to see the park, and it is possible to make all your travel arrangements and reservations through them. Kidepo Valley National Park is home to the world’s rarest apes, the mountain gorilla and its closest cousin, the golden monkey.

Kidepo Valley National Park, located in Uganda, is home to two endangered primates: the bonobo and the eastern gorilla. It’s an easy tour to take that takes you to exciting gorilla encounters. The park also offers options for other types of wildlife, such as birds, insects, and reptiles. The park is also known for its lush forests, open plains, and volcanoes.

This park is gifted with over 77 mammals and almost 500 bird species recording. From the Apoka, in the core of the park, a savannah landscape extends far beyond the conserved area, towards horizons outlined by distant mountain ranges creating an environs of breathtaking scenery. The pastoral Karamojongs are found around the park with similarities to the Maasai of Kenya, and the IK.

Activities at the True African Wilderness;

Game drive; This is an interesting activity for all visitors as it brings them at a close range to the wildlife. With Escape To Africa experienced guide/ driver enjoy as many game drives as possible. And take as many photos as time permits.

Bird watching; Birding can be done either in the morning or the afternoon with an experienced guide. Be on the look out for the different bird species that are found in the park.

Nature walks; The beauty of the Nature walk in Kidepo is that it can be done at anytime of the day. While on the walk, vistors are able to view different wildlife which include; elephants, Zebras, Reedbucks, Bulbu. At the eastern Kakine Circuit wildlife can be seen up-close;  50 – 70m

Community Walk; Interact with the Karamajong and get to know their lifestyle, culture, dress cord and traditional performances. Unlike the other local communities that are found around the other parks, the Karamajong are relatively native and haven’t embraced modernization. However, with the conservation from Tourism, they are gradually adopting but at a very slow pace.

Will Escape To Africa enjoy this True African Wilderness!

Tsavo is an authentic, fascinating, endless and untouched wilderness that join the Tsavo West and East National Parks into one largest protected area in Kenya. This park offers an opportunity of viewing the Big 5 in a single day. Its famously known for its man-eating lions and humongous elephant populations to the outside world, which makes it one of the must visit parks in Kenya. Between the 2 parts, Tsavo East is much more accessible, though Tsavo West provides a unique added advantage point to get closer to hippos and crocodiles lazing around in the waters.

At nearly 22,000km2, this makes Tsavo the biggest National Park in Kenya. Both of these parks where once one single park but where later separated. Though among the two Tsavo west is considered the best park for photography, birding and game viewing.

Tsavo East is at 13,747 sq.KM and is generally flat, with dry plains across where are River flows.

And the Tsavo West covers an area of 9,065 sq.KM and is generally mountainous with swamps, a Lake and Springs. It is known for bird life and large game; elephants, leopards, hippos, black rhinos, Cape buffalos and Masai lions.

Activities in Tsavo National Park

There is so much that you can do in Tsavo National park from the primarily; game drives involving viewing of elephants, African lions, hippos, cheetahs, hartebeest and buffalo, birdwatching, hill hiking, to caving and boating.

Best Time to Visit Tsavo West

At Escape To Africa, we recommend visiting the park in the months of January and February as well as June through September. And we try as much as possible to avoid the March to May and sometimes November to December as the park roads tend to be muddy and inaccessible. For all birdwatchers, the must months of visit to see migratory birds are October to January.

Recommended Number of Days

We normally advise 2 days to enjoy Tsavo west National park and a day more for all photographers to capture as much as possible.

Accommodation in the Tsavo West

As big as the park is, it has numerous accommodation to choose from for all kinds of budgets. At Escape To Africa we offer the best from comfort to services.

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