Mount Elgon National Park

Mt Elgon is Uganda’s oldest extinct volcano with the largest volcanic base in the world. This magnificent block is home to over 300 species of birds, including the endangered Lammergeyer. Buffalos, small antelopes, forest monkeys and elephants also live on the slopes of the mountain. The climax of Mt. Elgon is not the final ascent to the 4321m Wagagai Peak, but the descent into the vast 40km² caldera.

Is Escape To Africa a Mount Elgon National Park Safari Company That Offers Trips To See Volcanoes?

Featuring Africa’s most spectacular mountain gorillas and volcanoes, we offer unique and unforgettable tours in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. Escape To Africa is not a Mount Elgon National Park safari company, but an authentic African safari company you can trust with many years of experience operating throughout Africa. We offer tours, packages and safaris to the best safari parks across the continent.

Mount Elgon National Park offers various safari adventures such as gorilla tracking, elephant hunting, seeing lions in the wild, zebra viewing and much more. It is a good idea to Escape To Africa in the company of a passionate team that has been showing visitors the beauty of Africa for many years. Our safaris are led by attentive and educated guides, and our wide variety of excursions are designed to inspire your adventurous spirit.

Do Safari Companies Have Tours That Include Mount Elgon National Park?

Safari companies organize tours that include this amazing park. Mount Elgon National Park is an amazing safari destination located in the northern region of Uganda. Mount Elgon National Park is the most visited national park in Uganda, but visitors don’t always come to see the elephants, elk, lions and rhinos. This safari company offers tours that include Mount Elgon National Park.

Mount Elgon National Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including elephants, leopards, snow leopards and bongo antelopes, among many others. The park is an oasis in the middle of the arid Kenyan savannah and one of its main attractions is the Mount Elgon tree. The tree is a good example of a dominant tree in an acacia savanna forest.

Are Safari Companies Good For People Who Want To Go To Mount Elgon National Park?

Safari companies are the best option to visit one of the most beautiful places in Uganda. They act as guides and help you and your tour group to tour the savannah of Mount Elgon National Park. Safari companies offer a variety of activities, such as day trips, game drives, fishing and cooking classes. Our safari companies are as good as any other, and will allow you to spend a lot of time in and around this beautiful national park.

Mount Elgon National Park is the second highest mountain in Africa, and is surrounded by five volcanoes. It is a popular destination for safari companies, but some people are not sure if they are good for those who want to hike there, visit the park and see for themselves.

Can You Take a Mount Elgon National Park Tour with a Safari Company?

You cannot tour Mount Elgon National Park without a safari company. The park is home to one of the rarest and most endangered species in the world, the mountain gorilla. There are only about 800 mountain gorillas left in the wild, so it is important to protect this fragile population. You can spend as much time in the park as you wish, whether it’s a day or a week! The safari company will pick you up at your hotel and take you back after the tour, so you don’t have to travel anywhere else.

Yes. Located in the highlands of the Great Rift Valley, Mount Elgon National Park is one of Kenya’s most popular destinations and is home to three mountain peaks, grasslands, waterfalls and rainforest. The park is one of the most precious pieces of Kenya’s indigenous wild habitat. It has several ecosystems, including woodlands, grasslands, riverine forests and savannas.

Will There Be Car Services Provided With Mount Elgon National Park Tour?

The Mount Elgon National Park tours do not include car services. But there are several fantastic opportunities to get around on your own, or with a group of friends, by private vehicle. You can hire a cab or hop in a shared minivan from the same town to reach the park from various points in Uganda.

Mount Elgon National Park is home to such diverse wildlife that it is considered one of the most important in Africa. Offering a wide range of activities from climbing to safaris, this park is the perfect destination for all types of travelers. Mount Elgon National Park is located in the northeastern region of Kenya and is a popular tourist destination. Whether you are a first time visitor or a regular, it is always important to book your Mount Elgon National Park tour.

What Mount Elgon National Park Tour Provides Options to See The Largest Volcanic Base?

Mount Elgon is the highest peak in Uganda and one of the most impressive volcanic formations in East Africa. It is also home to a rich diversity of plant life, including rare plants that can only be found on its slopes and crater. This National Park offers a wide variety of excursions and opportunities to see the volcano and its surroundings.

Mount Elgon National Park is located in the jurisdiction of the Albertine Rift, considered one of the most active volcanic zones in East Africa. Tour Mount Elgon National Park on foot or by vehicle and explore the ecosystems of this natural treasure to find a place of perfect harmony between nature and man.

The beauty of visiting Mountain Elgon is that it can be hiked by even inexperienced hikers and it requires no equipment and also has a much lower elevation gain.

Activities carried out at World Largest Mountain Caldera;

Birding; With your birding book and other birding gadgets, be on the lookout for the Chubb’s Cisticola, White-chinned Prinia and African Goshawk. You will be accompanied by an experienced birder and rangers at all times.

Nature Walk; Either in the morning or afternoon, enjoy a relaxing stroll on the foothills of the mountain either alone or in the company of your guide.

Sports Fishing; This is done at the last 3 Sipi waterfalls, where the falls displays beautiful colours. It’s a very challenging experience to anglers but also exciting.

Hiking; Visitors interested in hiking will enjoy marked trails up the mountain slopes with overnight in set camps. Breath taking scenery with caves will be your companion ascending and descending the mountain.

Coffee tour; Arabica coffee is grown on the slopes of Mountain Elgon and its famously known as Sipi coffee. This walk takes us to the home of the coffee farmers, who will take us through the whole coffee process, from planting – coffee picking – coffee drying – grinding – making a cup of coffee. At the end of this process you will appreciate a cup of coffee more.

With Escape To Africa enjoy hiking the World Largest Mountain Caldera!

Tsavo is an authentic, fascinating, endless and untouched wilderness that join the Tsavo West and East National Parks into one largest protected area in Kenya. This park offers an opportunity of viewing the Big 5 in a single day. Its famously known for its man-eating lions and humongous elephant populations to the outside world, which makes it one of the must visit parks in Kenya. Between the 2 parts, Tsavo East is much more accessible, though Tsavo West provides a unique added advantage point to get closer to hippos and crocodiles lazing around in the waters.

At nearly 22,000km2, this makes Tsavo the biggest National Park in Kenya. Both of these parks where once one single park but where later separated. Though among the two Tsavo west is considered the best park for photography, birding and game viewing.

Tsavo East is at 13,747 sq.KM and is generally flat, with dry plains across where are River flows.

And the Tsavo West covers an area of 9,065 sq.KM and is generally mountainous with swamps, a Lake and Springs. It is known for bird life and large game; elephants, leopards, hippos, black rhinos, Cape buffalos and Masai lions.

Activities in Tsavo National Park

There is so much that you can do in Tsavo National park from the primarily; game drives involving viewing of elephants, African lions, hippos, cheetahs, hartebeest and buffalo, birdwatching, hill hiking, to caving and boating.

Best Time to Visit Tsavo West

At Escape To Africa, we recommend visiting the park in the months of January and February as well as June through September. And we try as much as possible to avoid the March to May and sometimes November to December as the park roads tend to be muddy and inaccessible. For all birdwatchers, the must months of visit to see migratory birds are October to January.

Recommended Number of Days

We normally advise 2 days to enjoy Tsavo west National park and a day more for all photographers to capture as much as possible.

Accommodation in the Tsavo West

As big as the park is, it has numerous accommodation to choose from for all kinds of budgets. At Escape To Africa we offer the best from comfort to services.

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