Murchison Falls National Park

This park is found in the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley at 3,840km2. It is referred to as the largest and oldest conservation area with so much to offer. Murchison Falls is famously known for the Victoria Nile that plunges 45m over the remnant rift valley wall, creating the theatrical Falls. This centerpiece is finalized in an event of an 80km stretch of rapids with a display of the rainbow.

The last of the river’s energy is transformed into a broad calm stream flowing across the rift valley floor into Lake Albert. This spring of river provides the most extraordinary wildlife spectacles with regular visitors including; giraffes, elephants and buffaloes; while Nile crocodiles, school of hippos and aquatic birds are permanent residents.

The World’s most powerful water fall; comprises of the below,

  • River Nile; This is a gigantic magnificent falls that flows into Lake Albert with a spectacular view. The main activity on the Nile is the Launch trip where privately and scheduled boats are organized to provide a view of the wildlife; herds of Buffalos, school of hippos, crocodiles, Elephants and different bird species.
  • Budongo Forest; This is a forestry extension of the park with so many different tree species that are dated back hundreds of years. Budongo forest is home to different primate species including baboons, several monkey species and different bird species. A nature walk in this forest is very interesting!
  • Lake Albert; The lake provides a beautiful scenery with shores having astonishing wildlife visitors including; giraffes, elephants and buffaloes; while Nile crocodiles, school of hippos and aquatic birds are permanent residents.

Activities at the park;

Game drive; This is the most common and one of the interesting activities for all visitors. With one of Escape To Africa  experienced guide/ driver enjoy a game drive either in the morning as early as 6AM or in the evening at around 4PM and be on the lookout for various wildlife. You can also enjoy an afternoon game drive but these tends to be very humid and hot.

Launch cruise; Depending on your budget, either with a private or scheduled boat on the Nile, enjoy a launch cruise just meters away from hundreds of huge hippos and herds of buffalos, while giraffes, elephants and buffaloes fool around the shoreline. It takes about 3 hours on the water.

Bird watching; With an Escape To Africa guide report at the forest entry for birding in Budongo forest. Be on the lookout for the different bird species that have been recorded in this part of the park after paying park entrance.

Nature walks; With an experienced and informative Escape To Africa guide, enjoy a 3 – 4 hours nature walk in the forest, home to indigenous and different tree species in Budongo forest following the marked trails.

Chimp Trekking; After chimps trekking enjoy half day either in the morning at 8AM or afternoon at 2PM chimps trekking. This activity takes about 3 – 4 hours but ones is not guaranteed of sighting the chimps but the hike is worthy it. These trekking permits are prepaid in advance.

Sports Fishing; This is an interesting and sophisticated activity carried out at the banks of the Nile that are gifted with the Nile perch. A Nile Perch as big as 100KG can be one’s lucky catch.

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