Semuliki National Park

Semuliki is the only true lowland tropical forest in East Africa spreading across the floor of the Semliki Valley on the rare, western side of the Rwenzori. The park covers 220km², offering a taste of Central Africa without having to leave Uganda. Although the different species in Semuliki have been gathering for over 25,000 years, the park contains evidence of even older progressions. This park is famously known for its Hot springs bubble up from the depths to demonstrate the powerful underground forces that have been part of the rift valley for the last 14 million years. Numerous mammals and different bird species have been recorded in the park and some have gone as far as banding it a birders paradise due to the colorful display of the pink flamingos.

Is Escape To Africa a Semuliki National Park Safari Company That Offers Trips To Semliki Valley?

Yes. But we offer more than just tours. We offer a life-changing experience that would make even the most seasoned traveler want to Escape To Africa and return again and again. Escape To Africa is a company that offers Uganda safaris for all your photo opportunities, activities and adventures. Whether you are looking for a family getaway or a company trip, Escape To Africa can accommodate you.

Africa is a magical place and the places you experience there are just as captivating and exciting. To make your dream of visiting Africa come true, the Semuliki National Park in Uganda offers you a wide range of options for you to experience the magic. As a reputable and experienced tour operator, Escape To Africa offers tours of the Semuliki National Park.

Do Safari Companies Have Tours That Include Semuliki National Park?

The Central Park Safari in Uganda includes Semuliki National Park. The safari offers a wide variety of activities for travelers to explore the country’s wildlife, including trekking and bird watching. With this deal, you’ll get a four-day safari visit to Semuliki National Park and see cheetahs, elephants, buffaloes, and more. This is our most popular package, and after watching the video below, it’s easy to see why. Get your memories captured on film or digital camera and view them in our comfortable viewing room.

Semuliki National Park is one of the most talked about destinations in Africa. It is home to the only population of savannah elephants found in the East African region. The park is home to many species of birds, including the osprey, and is one of the most diverse ecosystems on the continent.

Are Safari Companies Good For People Who Want To Go To Semuliki National Park?

For the first time in a long time, you can explore the wilderness on an affordable safari with no crowds, no worries of getting ripped off, and plenty of opportunities to see wildlife. At Semuliki National Park, you will have the chance to watch lions hunt duiker, see elephants stomp dung on the ground for better scent, and see cheetahs in their natural habitat. If you are looking for an African safari company, we are sure that there is no one better than us. We are the only company that offers a variety of adventure experiences that allow you to experience the true richness of Africa.

Semuliki National Park is one of the most popular safari destinations in Uganda. With hundreds of square kilometers and a variety of wildlife including African elephants, lions, leopards, and buffaloes, this park has everything to offer nature lovers. However, there are numerous safari companies that operate in Semuliki National Park.

Can You Take a Semuliki National Park Tour with a Safari Company?

To visit Semuliki National Park in Uganda, you need to book a tour in advance. But it is still possible to visit the park on your own. You only need a licensed safari company, who will take care of your transport and accommodation during your stay. Semuliki National Park is an African paradise in the heart of Uganda, home to a wide variety of wildlife. From the lush greenery and waterfalls to the lush forests and hills, this park is considered one of the best safari spots in Uganda.

When planning your next Semuliki National Park activity, you may be considering a safari tour. You may have even done quite a bit of research on which safari company to choose. Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime when you join your loved one on their Kenya safari tour. After researching, he found out that you can book the Semuliki National Park Safari Company with a tour package that includes hotel, flights and activities.

Will There Be Car Services Provided With Semuliki National Park Tour?

If car services are provided. If you are planning to go on a safari in Uganda, you will definitely want to book your Semuliki National Park tour with our team. We will travel on a safari for the day and go on game drive and spend time in the park. We will have plenty of time to swim, play and relax and be able to provide excellent service from start to finish.

Semuliki National Park is not just a place you visit for its scenic views or the wildlife it is home to. It also has a variety of activities that make it a great tourist destination for both locals and tourists. The park has several tours that are available for visitors to choose from, including wildlife viewing, mountain biking, and hiking trails.

What Semuliki National Park Tour Provides Options to See Gorillas and Monkeys?

Discover the amazing world of animals in Semuliki National Park, the most famous national park in Uganda. Immerse yourself in a world of adventure and life, while enjoying the views of gorillas and monkeys. When you take your tour of Semuliki National Park, you will be able to see chimpanzees, elephants and gorillas in a natural habitat. The tour is perfect for those who wish to see rare animals and admire the beauty of the park.

Semuliki National Park is located in the North Western Region of Uganda. It is home to many mammals such as monkeys and gorillas. Rare and endangered species are often seen in the park, especially during dry seasons when water levels drop. You will be visiting the Semuliki National Park in Uganda, which is where you may have the chance to see monkeys and gorillas!

Activities at the True Birders Paradise;

Bird watching; While at Semuliki Park one is rewarded with numerous bird species including the rare forest birds. Also keep an extra eye out for the beautiful shoebill regularly seen at close range on Lake Albert. With an experienced guide enjoy birding in this Paradise.

Game drive; With Escape To Africa, enjoy the game drive on three different tracks. Be on the lookout for; Smaller and Savanah Elephants, warthogs, Buffalos, waterbucks and Uganda kobs. And remember to keep an extra eye out for the pygm hippos, bush babies and the leopards.

Nature walks & Hot Springs Visit; This is a must do while visiting Semuliki, hike 1 hour to the male hot spring through a forest that harbors different bird species. After which continue to the female hotspring dominated by a boiling fountain where you will enjoy a boiled banana and an egg.

Community Walk; Interact with the Batwa people who used to heavily depend on the forest part of the park for survival. Get to know their lifestyle, culture, dress cord and traditional performances. However due to interaction with the other communities close to the park their culture and way of life has changed.

Travel to the True Birders Paradise with Escape To Africa!

Tsavo is an authentic, fascinating, endless and untouched wilderness that join the Tsavo West and East National Parks into one largest protected area in Kenya. This park offers an opportunity of viewing the Big 5 in a single day. Its famously known for its man-eating lions and humongous elephant populations to the outside world, which makes it one of the must visit parks in Kenya. Between the 2 parts, Tsavo East is much more accessible, though Tsavo West provides a unique added advantage point to get closer to hippos and crocodiles lazing around in the waters.

At nearly 22,000km2, this makes Tsavo the biggest National Park in Kenya. Both of these parks where once one single park but where later separated. Though among the two Tsavo west is considered the best park for photography, birding and game viewing.

Tsavo East is at 13,747 sq.KM and is generally flat, with dry plains across where are River flows.

And the Tsavo West covers an area of 9,065 sq.KM and is generally mountainous with swamps, a Lake and Springs. It is known for bird life and large game; elephants, leopards, hippos, black rhinos, Cape buffalos and Masai lions.

Activities in Tsavo National Park

There is so much that you can do in Tsavo National park from the primarily; game drives involving viewing of elephants, African lions, hippos, cheetahs, hartebeest and buffalo, birdwatching, hill hiking, to caving and boating.

Best Time to Visit Tsavo West

At Escape To Africa, we recommend visiting the park in the months of January and February as well as June through September. And we try as much as possible to avoid the March to May and sometimes November to December as the park roads tend to be muddy and inaccessible. For all birdwatchers, the must months of visit to see migratory birds are October to January.

Recommended Number of Days

We normally advise 2 days to enjoy Tsavo west National park and a day more for all photographers to capture as much as possible.

Accommodation in the Tsavo West

As big as the park is, it has numerous accommodation to choose from for all kinds of budgets. At Escape To Africa we offer the best from comfort to services.

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