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This landlocked country is home to the beautiful endangered Gorillas, magnificent volcanoes, lush, dense evergreen forests, striking Volcanic Mountains and remarkable wildlife. Known as the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’, Rwanda has recovered from a stormy history in recent years, and is now one of the top East African tourist must visit spot. This is a natural beauty with a dizzying scenery, stride through rich vegetation and primate species including the gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys.

Visa on arrival

Foreigners who wish to visit Rwanda do not have to go through the stress of applying for visas. And US $30, one gets a visa upon arrival at Kigali International Airport. However, for one doing an East African Visa, there is the option of purchasing a single tourist visa for Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya at $100.

Getting a Rwanda Visa

When it comes to applying for a Visa in the Land of a thousand hills, it’s one of the easiest things to do. Below is a guide to help you when applying for your Visa. Visit the Rwanda Directorate general of Immigration and Emigration, https://www.migration.gov.rw/index.php?id=28  . This link takes you to a visa application form where you enter your personal information.

Depending on your Safari, you can apply for any of the below websites,

  • Single entry visa – allows entry into Rwanda alone for 30 days – 50
  • East African Tourists Visa – Allows to cross to all East African countries including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda – 100 USD

The supporting document must be attached in PDF or one will not obtain the Visa;

  • Safari Itinerary
  • Invitation letter from the company or Agency in charge of organising your safari
  • Flight details

Once all the above have been successfully submitted, you will receive a “Tracking Number” starting with RWA…For unsuccessful application, you will not receive the tracking number on the next page, this will mean that you didn’t full in the form correctly or your missing one of the above listed documents.

An “Invitation Letter” will be sent to you with from 2 days (working days) by the Rwanda Department of Migration – www.migration.gov.rw  and can emails them at visa@migration.gov.rw  / information@migration.gov.rwb  or call them Tel: +250 78 815 2222 / +250 78 889 9971. Please note that should the online Visa Application fail, one can still get the Visa on Arrival at Kigali International Airport at the Immigration desk. This process is still effective now.

The Visa to Rwanda doesn’t apply to nationals of the Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, Mauritius, USA, United Kingdom, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi.

Good Sanitation and Evergreen

Kigali is the cleanest and one of the green cities in Africa. With the government’ encouragement of tree and grass planting in every home, for a tree to be cut down one has to obtain a permit first. A fine of USD 2 is charged when one is caught in Kigali walking on lawns.

Remarkable Rwanda

The Rwandese are truly exciting people. Rwanda as a country and its citizens have come a long way from the genocide in 1994 to a peaceful and harmonious country. The people are well coming and willing to help at all times.

Breath taking Scenery

The land of 1,000 hills lives up to the ever green expectations with outstandingly gorgeous landscapes! The entire country is covered with various hills with abundant green.

Rwandan genocide Information

The brutal and inhuman actions aimed at wiping out an entire tribe, is one of the worst massacres to happen on the African continent of recent. Genocide museums are spread across the country, the Rwandese have documented this ugly past to the very last detail so the world can learn from this horrific acts. Kigali Genocide Memorial is a must visit for everyone doing a safari in Rwanda. After this visit you will get a whole new meaning of the words “Never Again”

Best time to visit Rwanda

Visiting Rwanda for gorilla tracking can be done all year round. Which makes it an all year round destination, but as travel goes drier seasons, periods between December to early March and June to September is a must visit. December to March is a long dry season with temperatures going up to 29 degrees Celsius for some days.  For the month of March – Mid May, July to September, these are viewed as the rainy season in Rwanda

But Rwanda is regarded as the country with good weather throughout the year though the dry season is more preferable as it’s also generally good for wildlife viewing.

For one interested in gorilla tracking – with the drier season there is a slight chance of rain during the trek and one will enjoy hiking the terrain in the rainforest more.

Travel to the land of A thousand Hills and experience all of its glories!

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